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Here’s a not-so-fun story we’ve heard too many times:

“We’re paying over $4,000 a month now with a bill that keeps growing. We’d be paying so much less if we’d gone with SimpleWebRTC from the start.”

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WebRTC is complex!

You can build fun demo-ware with open source tools. But then there’s the laundry list of complexities and edge-cases involved in making your service production quality.

WebRTC can be bang-your-head-on-the-desk hard if you want users to have a high quality and reliable experience. Even for our team of experts, this stuff is hard. And creating a solid UX? Get ready to invest time by the bucketful. There are a hundred edge cases to cover in a single “hair check” screen.

We want to eliminate all this pain for you so you can focus on your product.

Before SimpleWebRTC,
these were your options:

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WebRTC and React, together at last

With SimpleWebRTC, here’s all you need:

Really. We’ll take care of the rest. Secure streaming video, voice, and screen-sharing, hosted by us, in your website or application.

We’ll handle the UX edge cases. We’ll handle the uptime. We’ll take care of the annoying boring parts so you can focus on building and scaling your awesome idea.

And here’s what you get:

  • Pricing that lets you control long-term costs as you scale
  • Easy to use React modules
  • Video, voice, text, and screen sharing*
  • No installation needed (works right in your browser)
  • Up to 30** users concurrently streaming per active conversation
  • Unlimited rooms
  • Fully hosted solution
  • End-to-end encryption***

*Screen sharing available in Chrome and Firefox

**requires large group subscription

***requires small group subscription

SimpleWebRTC might be for you if...

  • You have a great idea for a product that needs voice, video, screensharing, or chat, or you’re looking to add realtime features to your existing app.
  • You want to focus on building your product and your business instead of fighting the complexity of making WebRTC work reliably.
  • You value saving a ton of money over the long run in your business.
  • You’re looking to build a long-term relationship with your realtime service provider.
  • You’re a developer familiar with React or have one on your team. If not, we can build it for you (Contact us to discuss a quote).

SimpleWebRTC isn’t for you if...

  • Instead of building your product, you’d rather spend your time working on understanding signaling protocols, ICE candidates, TURN configuration, chasing down browser idiosyncracies, and dealing with the rest of the giant ball of complexity that is WebRTC.
  • You prefer to learn the hundreds of UX edge cases in a WebRTC app the hard way.
  • You’ve got time to invest every 6 weeks when browser updates break your app.
  • You’re looking for something free. (We charge for SimpleWebRTC).
  • You need recording or want to stream to a large audience (Contact us for custom solutions on this front).

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