Privacy Policy

Privacy and security

About SimpleWebRTC

SimpleWebRTC empowers developers to add React and WebRTC features to their apps “out-of-the-box” and with ease not yet offered anywhere, backed by the experience and guidance of the &yet team. This service is provided for free, with some limitations, so anyone can build something meaningful now. We offer limitless usage for a monthly subscription fee, or a pay-as-you-go plan hosted and supported by &yet. We’re not here to sell ads based on your conversations, resell information about you, or keep track of what you do online. We respect your privacy and the security of your communications. This page describes how we put those values into practice.

Security and encryption

The short story is that when using SimpleWebRTC audio and video data are encrypted so that your conversations can’t be unscrambled by eavesdroppers. We also encrypt all the setup, call control, and tear down information that your computer sends to our servers (which can reveal private information such as the IP address of your computer).

Privacy policy

Our default privacy policy is never to gather or store or sell information about you, to log your conversations, or to engage in any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security in any way. In some cases, however, our services require certain personal information to function properly.

Free users of SimpleWebRTC will need to provide an email address and name for necessary communication of information such as your access key and information on how to set up a subscription. In addition, subscribers will need to provide payment information such as their name, credit card number, and address that will be stored with Stripe to process monthly payments.

When using the SimpleWebRTC service we need to gather one piece of personally identifying information for the service to function: your computer needs to tell us its “IP address” so that we can connect you with another computer (which needs to tell us its “IP address” too). Although we do not track this information or keep a long-term record of it, we do log it for brief periods of time so that we can perform diagnostics that help us improve the service (these logs are erased after 30 days).

In our efforts to provide quality support and to improve SimpleWebRTC, we may engage in customer research based on information you provide us which we are able to enrich using publicly available information.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or wish for any personal information to be changed or removed from our system, please email us at with your detailed request.

Anonymous metrics

We collect anonymous usage data (with no personally identifying information attached) to improve the SimpleWebRTC service and WebRTC technologies in general. Examples of usage data may include information about your browser, operating system, platform, the percentage of sessions that include screen sharing, how often certain features are used (e.g., muting and unmuting audio), and the occurrences of connectivity failures. At times we provide some of this data to the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox teams so that they can prioritize and fix bugs in their code.

In the event of a suspected or actual data breach you be contacted within 72 hours with information on how you may be affected.