Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

We’ll send you a key and a link to download our components so that you can start coding right away. We’ll even give you free bandwidth so you can test everything out.

If you love using it, you can pay us. Sign up during the limited beta period and we’ll guarantee our beta subscription rate for your first year.

I don’t want to sign up for anything yet…

Don’t! Just try out the modules. We won’t take your credit card, and you still get full use of our service.

Does SimpleWebRTC include broadcasting?

SimpleWebRTC allows for real-time communication between up to 6 users per session.

What if I’d rather have you build it for me? Do you offer custom development services?

Yes, we do! We can build your app from scratch or integrate WebRTC technology into your existing project. Read more.

I am already using WebRTC. Can you help me even if I am not using SimpleWebRTC?

&yet offers WebRTC consulting and can help you with many common realtime woes. Read more.

I still want to explore other options.

We encourage you to! Our competitors do great things, and we want you to consider your options before you make a commitment. We feel confident in the value of SimpleWebRTC because of our transparent pricing model and easy to use React modules.

Here are some of the most popular competing services: Xirsys, Twilio and Tokbox.

Okay, I’m back.

We missed you. Get started with our free trial.

Have questions?

We’re an open book. Email us at