Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll get a key and a link to download our components so that you can start coding right away. We’ll even give you 5 GB free bandwidth so you can test everything out.

If you love using it, you can pay us.

I don’t want to sign up for anything yet…

Don’t! Just try out the modules. We won’t take your credit card, and you still get full use of our service.

Does SimpleWebRTC include broadcasting?

SimpleWebRTC allows for real-time communication between up to 6 users per session. We currently do not offer broadcasting.

Can you record streams with SimpleWebRTC?

SimpleWebRTC does not currently offer recording capability.

Is SimpleWebRTC compatible with mobile platforms?

Yes! Apps built with SimpleWebRTC can be compatible on iOS devices in the Safari browser, and on Android devices in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Is SimpleWebRTC secure? Can anyone see my streams? What about HIPAA compliance?

Streams on the SimpleWebRTC platform are encrypted and meet all requirements for HIPAA compliance.

Can I depend on this service?

We are a privately owned and fully bootstrapped company who’s been around for 11 years. Over six years ago (before any of our competitors were offering WebRTC services) we created the first version of SimpleWebRTC and built Talky, which is used to make millions of calls. SimpleWebRTC and the underlying open source tools our team has created are used in scores of products in production. We have been continuously improving our platform since we first built it.

We guarantee 99% uptime. If we fail to meet that standard, we’ll credit your subscription during the month the outage occurred.

What if I’d rather have you build it for me? Do you offer custom development services?

Yes, we do! We can build your app from scratch or integrate WebRTC technology into your existing project. Read more.

I am already using WebRTC. Can you help me even if I am not using SimpleWebRTC?

We offer WebRTC consulting and development and can help you with many common realtime woes. Read more.

I still want to explore other options.

We encourage you to! Our competitors do great things, and we want you to consider your options before you make a commitment. We feel confident in the value of SimpleWebRTC because of our transparent pricing model and easy to use React modules.

Here are some of the most popular competing services: Xirsys, Twilio, and Tokbox.

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Okay, I’m back.

We missed you. Get started with our free trial.

Have questions?

We’re an open book. Email us at